Here is a document that allows you to compare the Smart Meter Opt Outs FEES in the various areas  in Canada and the USA.

This document will be updated frequently when we get more information from readers like you.

Version 2019 JAN 10     opt-out-fees


  1. How fast can you send me the most up to date letter I can send Fortis to stop a meter installation on my house?….or the link to it?
    I can’t find it on your website. It should be jumping out at me but I can’t find it.
    Thank you,

      1. This link goes to a Chinese site about beauty products and services and has nothing to do with Smart Meters. Please check that this link has not been hacked.

  2. Hello, I live in NH and when Eversource took over PSNH, they installed smart readers! We bought all new appliances BEFORE Eversource kicked in and our elec bills were down significantly. Now for some very strange reason, as soon as Eversource took over, they installed smart Readers Without my consent or signature… Now our monthly elec bill for 2 people who only use minimal electricity in a home has gone up 30+% !!! Can I demand that Eversource change my meter back to analog, seeing I live in NH? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi John K in New Hampshire USA
      I took a look at the fee/tariff schedule for Eversource and it is complicated.
      There are tariffs for flat fees and for time of day (Time of use = TOU). If you are on TOU and use lots of electricity during the expensive times then your bill will increase significantly.
      You must review your bills before Eversource and after Eversource took over to see if your consumption has changed or the rates have changed.
      Ted in BC
      I hope that you kept your bills for this comparison.

  3. We were told they aren’t wireless transmitters and they will be physically read by a worker every 2 weeks.

    We have NEVER had someone come do a reading yet the bill comes every month!

    Near Ottawa, I’m really hoping to find someone in the Perth / Ottawa area who has successfully switched Smart to Analog!


    1. Hi there, I’m near Kingston. Have you had any success switching from Smart to Analog? I’m looking to do the same. Dealing with Hydro One Networks Inc.

  4. I had called my city asked if we had a smart meter, I was lied to. On an EMF meter it’s out put is off the chart. Like sitting in front of an on microwave, but worst is the modem and set up to the TV of a provider it is constantly pinging off the charge when the electric is on. So, what paperwork do I need to do and WHO do I need to take it to to get this meter removed from my home?

    1. You could try constructing some shielding, such as a Faraday cage for the meter, to shunt the RF output of the meter to ground. It’s basically an enclosure made out of wire mesh that blocks RF radiation coming in or out, you only need be concerned about the front as most meters are mounted in sockets in a metal box in North America. Some on these sorts of sites disagree with me on this claiming that it will radiate through the household wiring instead, but I am skeptical about that. I don’t know where you are, or whether there is an opt out with the power company or not, if there is then the utilities commission would have mandated it.

  5. ASHLAND OREGON does have a free opt out.
    2012 City of Ashland Resolution gave us a FREE opt out from the radiofrequency automated program for an Analog meter.
    However, there was a bait and switch to a NON-RF digital meter since then which is being addressed currently since that was not the resolution agreement. Ashland Electric claims on their website analogs are not available or purchasable–a lie that many utilities purport.

    EUGENE OREGON used to have opt in. They now have OPT OUT.

    OREGON Pacific Power is installing 530,000 smart meters in Oregon currently as of Jan 1 2018. Opt out Install charge is $137 initial, $36 mo. for a digital meter both of which are being contested currently by the Freedom 2 Say No to Smart Meters group in So. Oregon. Get to keep your analog meter if you have one and write to PP and get letter acknowledgment. City of Talent, OR did a Temporary Moratorium on Smart Meters until the exorbitant fees are addressed and Jackson County Commissioners wrote a scathing letter. The Aclara I-210+C smart meter being installed has a 54 page report on it by an independent meter analyzer who has testified at the expet level at 3 PUCs. The report is currently being reanalyzed by a few other independent engineers. However, the Aclara installers are aggressive and don’t have an opt out list, so folks have to post signs on their meters DO NOT INSTALL
    This is a Non Consent and Refusal Notice of a Smart meter, encoder, update, advanced meter, digital meter. Analog meter installers welcome. OPT OUT Order #, Date, Name, Utility. Some are videoing their conversations with the installers. Are they licensed electricians? Do they know there is a faulty surge protector and the heat sensor doesn’t work? We are a high fire risk area.

    Mt. Shasta area install by Pacific Power starts July 30, 2018.
    Opt out charge is inital $ 75. $20 mo Get to keep your analog meter if you write in to Pacific Power and get a letter back.

    SALT SPRING ISLAND has Smart Meters against great opposition 6 years ago when 50 trucks rolled in from BC Hydro one day and blanketed the island. Lots of trees on the island and bills are being estimated. Folks could try to negotiate photographing the meter monthly and save on the mo. fees and just have the utility come out yearly to do checks.

    Washington State requires opt out meters as of April 10, 2010 of all investor owned utilities. Not sure about cooperatives.

    ORCAS ISLAND, WA is a cooperative. Does not currently have opt-out but just been sent new policy decision making docs from WA PUC that allow for opt outs. They know smart meters are not mandated by the federal government, only to be offered.

    SASKATCHEWAN took out 105,000 smart meters due to Sensus fires). a couple of years ago. Sensus has been bought by another company and installing new 7,500 smart meters in 2018.

    PORT TOWNSEND, WA currently does not have smart meters and has a very active group opposed to them at this time. Will be under review later this year.

  6. Our rural electric put these things up a few years ago. I have found that since then my bill has double/tripled. This is in Minnesota. I did not see our state on your list. Do you have an updated one? I want that thing gone! our house is only 624 sq ft, wood heat. I work all day, only hubby home and only thing on is TV. gas stove. Estimator from MP&L shows I should be using no more than 700 kw but bill are always 1200 plus

    1. Hi, Pam, I do apologize for missing your question. I have no info about Minnesota and whether there is an option for people who do not want the smart meter. I will ask some people in the US and will let you know if I find anything out. You might do an internet search and find a group near you. I just did one and found quite a bit of info, for example It sounds as if there is an opt out option but this might vary with your utility company.

  7. I have a smart meter installed at my home. I do not believe that I “opted in” to the installation of this meter at any time. BC Hydro states that I cannot have it replaced with a radio off meter. Is anyone aware of options to have this meter replaced with a radio-off meter?

  8. hi i am in the fraser vally bc. i am being harassed by hydro to put a smart meter because it is 2018 they say there are no more legacy meters. can i fight the install of the smart meter.

  9. Navopache Electric Cooperative -Lakeside Az. servicing the White Mountains in Arizona has no Opt Out for Smart meters. NEC is mandating a change from my analog meter and if a don’t let them, they will terminate my service. I am 100% Disabled and on Social Security I cannot afford to go Solar at $15.000.00 dollars. I called AZ Corporate Commission and was told that a non OPT OUT was passed because NEC requested this. As members of the Cooperative in 2013 and 2014 we were told that they were working on a opt out. CEO Chuck Moore then blind sided us with his NEC lawyers. Now no opt out and its approved by the Commission. Federal Law states not to be mandated only to be offered. What about citizen with Disabilities? Discrimination? I will have to leave my residence or Freeze to Death in the Winter time without electricity. Any one know a good ATTORNEY maybe pro bono?

  10. Do you happen to know if there’s an opt out for missouri? I’ve been searching but I can’t find a deffinate yes or no and the power company is giving me the runaround.

  11. I live in a rural area on#11 tch Ontario Canada I have a smart meter , but why -Hydro One estimate’s the meter every 30 days for 60 days then on about 90 days they drive in and read the meter ? How dam smart is it really!
    What is it really transmitting???
    So every month I get a bill , for estimated cost $25-$45 the third bill will be adjusted from the last reading to current reading for 90 days about $245
    So what the HELL is the smart meter actually doing!
    Can I have the old style meter replaced?

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