Newsletters 2017-09 SEP

2017-09-01 – The microcell battle in California now extended to more than 215 cities

2017-09-02Depression linked to microwave radiation.

2017-09-03 – A new study shows DNA damage from frequency used by smeters at very low exposure levels.

No Update for 2017-09-04

2017-09-05 – Telecoms, like Telus and AT&T, are manipulating customers re. fiber optic cable. We need to keep our landlines

2017-09-06Warnings to utility workers about exposure to RF from microcells.

2017-09-07 – Did the Liberal govt sign a contract with Telus re. microcells ??

2017-09-08 – If defective cars are recalled, why not ITRON smeters?

No Update for 2017-09-09

2017-09-10 – Anyone in West Vancouver who will speak to a reporter re. microcells?

2017-09-11 – Microcells

2017-09-12BCUC & Smart Meter Fires (Report by Sharon Noble – July 2017)

2017-09-13 – 170 Scientists ask for moratorium on 5G

2017-09-14Volunteers needed for UBCM

2017-09-15 – New Westminster’s solar project

2017-09-16 – Huge data breach at Equifax

2017-09-17 – Some utilities in USA increasing fixed costs dramatically

2017-09-18 – BCUC has asked Hydro to respond to fire report.

2017-09-19 – Canada medical system not tracking all brain cancers

2017-09-20 – Microcells in Nanaimo!

2017-09-21Fire report press release

2017-09-22 – Keep your copper phone line — prevent microcells.

2017-09-23 – IARC classifications re. RF are ignored by WorkSafeBC

2017-09-24 – A power surge, deliberate from an enemy like China, could cripple Canada for a long time