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    I heard Sharon Noble today about EMF and was impressed with her. My local head of Stop Smart Meters, for various reasons I suspect is working for the utility monopolies.

    I gave my local utility a Courtesy Notice to keep my home from having a smart meter installed, even though they had legislation that would install one when you opt-out. It has been over a year. All homes in my neighborhood have a smart meter, except for me.

    Hopefully free energy devices will be available soon.


    1. A fire stated in the home we were staying in. It started in the Hydo Smart meter. The house is located at 6110 Russell Place in Port Alberni, on July 18, 2015. It was reported that the fire began where the power came into the house. The house electrical panel was not touched, The fire moved up the side of the house from the smart meter to the attic and across the attic and came down in the house. The meter from the usage report apparently peeked the night before around midnight and stopped but the power stayed on. The fire began in the early afternoon. We were fortunate to be out as were our vehicles at the time of the fire but we would likely been killed if it had started at night as it came down into the house from the attic. A very dangerous situation for the people of BC that should be rectified by and immediate recall of all Smart Meters before there are tragedies in the homes of many unsuspecting customers of BC Hydro. See the report by CHEK news Victoria for that date.
      Chris Watkins

      1. Hi, Chris,
        Thanks for this info. I had tried to obtain the address, after I saw the TV spot but couldn’t find it. Also I heard that someone was walking past and saw the meter sparking. No name. Do you happen to know who this was?
        If you have more info, could you please contact me directly at director@stopsmartmetersbc.com?

  2. Did I have to buy my analog meter from BC Hydro 30+ years ago in order to get hooked up?

    They are trying to charge me $65. for refusing a digital/analog meter replacement. The meter is made by Itron which I have refuse.

    Thank you,

    1. Good question and one for which the response we’ve been given makes no sense. We own Hydro. We pay for it through our taxes and rates and are responsible for all its debts, yet Hydro owns the meters. This makes no sense but it allows them to bypass some of the regulations meant to protect us.

      The meters do expire and have to be recertified to ensure accuracy. If you still have an analog and pay legacy fees, then your meter might be expiring, and Hydro is replacing. Insist that an analog be the replacement. Digital meters, even if they do not have RF emitting transmitters, are dangerous. They increase the dirty electricity on your home wiring and they are cheaply made with design flaws that could lead to fires. If you are not allowing access for replacement, you will be charged $65 for the “failed installation”, the same as if they attempt to install a $$meter and you refuse.

      Our Charter Rights under our Constitution allow us the right to determine what is put on or in our homes. This government and Hydro/Fortis are trampling on these rights and this must be stopped. this is the essence of our class action lawsuit.

      1. Has anyone tried to stop this extortion through the criminal courts? As far as I know If you are required to pay to prevent harm to yourself or your family, (having a deadly “smart” meter attached to your house) that is extortion. Also I’m sure that our constitution still affords us the right to privacy. Are there any constitutional challenges being brought to the courts? It seems as if my search engine is being filtered because all I can find are two year old articles and posts, making it appear as if everyone just stopped fighting. Please tell me that’s not the case.

      2. Has anyone tried to stop this extortion through the criminal courts? As far as I know If you are required to pay to prevent harm to yourself or your family, (having a deadly “smart” meter attached to your house) that is extortion. Also I’m sure that our constitution still affords us the right to privacy. Are there any constitutional challenges being brought to the courts? It seems as if my search engine is being filtered because all I can find are two year old articles and posts, making it appear as if almost everyone just stopped fighting. Please tell me that’s not the case.

      3. I’ve held out with a smart meter. My analog is 38 yrs.old. I get surging. Hydro is threatening disconnection if I don’t have another legacy meter put on next week. I’m up to date with my bills. Can they honestly disconnect me if I say “NO”

        1. Hello Maureen, my name is Jon. I don’t wish to get in Sharon’s way but I thought to post a comment of what I did with BC Hydro in hopes some of my information is useful. I still have my analog meter and back in April they sent me a letter saying I had no choice but to accept the smart meter or the radio-off smart meter and they said if I refused any longer I was facing possible disconnection. I then joined the Coalition here. And then I made up a similar letter and sent it to BC hydro stating that I had joined the coalition and they had 2 choices. one was to make an appointment with me and replace my outdated analog meter with a new analog meter ( I said I know you have they have them). Or two wait until the coalition’s lawsuit is settled and then make an appointment with me to install the new meter. I told them that I understood that the meter was outdated and it needed to be updated. They sent me a letter back saying much of the same as the one in April on how I was obligated to let them change the meter to the smart meter and still facing possible disconnection. I ignored there last letter they sent me and kept paying the bill and I have not heard from them since May. In your case Maureen if they are sating disconnection, I would not say no. They will do it. Myself I will let them put in the smart meter if they threaten me with total disconnection, not possible disconnection, because I have to. And that’s because I am obligated to do so in the first agreement I singed for the existing meter 32 years ago to be tested and calibrated to make sure it’s correctly measuring, and if you go against this agreement they will disconnect you. So I joined the coalition so in the future, if they win, then BC hydro would have to remove the smart meter/fire hazard and replace it with a safe meter made of inflammable glass and metal. I don’t know if this is use full to you but were in the same boat, best of luck Maureen.

      4. you own nothing; they are all private companies, eh!
        do a FOI request and ask for the copy of the legislation that makes them a govt. entity; ask for the contract that supposedly you made with them;
        the constitution is for the government, not private man/woman; are you a govt. employee; answer yes and you have no rights;

  3. Greetings –

    We live in Northern BC & have refused a SM. Unfortunately a new house was built next door recently, & their SM is about 20 feet from our front bedroom wall. I am willing to pay for a stainless steel mesh guard for this neighbour’s meter, but first need to here from a few folks who are using this device & not being further punished by BC Hydro. I don’t want to find it missing & be told it’s not allowed or is supposedly interfering with transmission. (see smartmeterguard.com) Neighbour is not easily engaged to discuss this, so I want to present it right the first time. Alternatives are much more expensive and messy, but we really feel our family is being affected by this. I suspect if BCH told her to remove it, she likely would.

    1. The mesh guard is capable of stopping the signals from reaching Hydro’s collector cell transmitter, and hydro probably will remove it. Better that you put aluminum screening or such on the side of your home that faces your neighbor. The screening is available at Home Depot, for example, and is inexpensive. The smaller the holes the better. The type used for window screens is good. And then you can grow plants in front or over it to make it more attractive. This will prevent RF from coming into your home and you are not dependent on Hydro or your neighbor.

  4. Hi Sharon, heard your interview on The Goddard Report today, someone put it up on the Mayan Majix website…did you know the insurance co. Coast Capital Credit Union uses for home insurance in particular is Lloyd’s?
    Also wondered if you’ve been following the news about the US Navy turning Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula into an EMF wargames platform?
    If you like I can send you links; I’ve also had several articles and letters published about this and related stories since Dec 2014.
    I live in Shirley…

    1. Hi, Helen,
      Sorry to take so long to respond. No, I didn’t know that Coast Capital uses Lloyd’s as its insurer, but many companies do. It is one of the largest and most respected companies in the world — and also one of the oldest.
      Yes, we have been following the plans for war games on the Olympic Peninsula. Go and read the newsletters on this site and you will see a lot of info that I’ve sent out in my updates. If you would like to get my updates, send me an email at director@stopsmartmetersbc.com with “updates” on the subject line.
      Many people in BC have been writing to the US govt agency with concerns, and we’ve been begging our MLAs and MPs to get involved — but the silence has been deafening. The people in Washington are very angry about this and have been fighting these plans which will endanger this pristine area and all the life in it, including all sorts of wildlife.


  5. We have been told we have no choice but to allow access for Hydro changing to smart meter. There is a new policy that BC Hydro will disconnect hydro for all business,( we are a small homebased rescue) who refuse access to change meters. We are the first and in northern BC. Is this possible? I am on full time oxygen and they will disconnect hydro irregardless. Sincerely Marie Yvette and sons

    1. Marie, I assume yours is a commercial account. Hydro is not allowing anyone with a commercial account to opt out. Another case of discrimination. I am sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier and I will contact your directly.

      Hydro has been directed by this govt to put a smart meter on every home, despite it being dangerous and a fire hazard. They don’t care if people are harmed — so I doubt that they would hesitate to disconnect you just because you need to breathe.

      We need to demand a recall on these dangerous devices NOW.

  6. Hi Sharron just received another threat letter from Brad Bishops office. It says my power may be cut off as early as Oct 29 if I do not allow a smart meter installation is there anything I can do?

    1. Hi Leon. This is Ted replying. Options include 1) refusing and then having power cut (and learning how to cope) 2) negotiating for an analog meter and the legacy fee. 3) caving in and accepting the Smart Meter and then learning how to shield yourself from the damn RF radiation and DE.

      Please show show your support for the Lawsuit against BCHydro which is hitting the BC supreme court in December. Support by donation (lawyers are not free), show up at the court house, write to MLA, Christy Clark, MPs

  7. I would like to join the class action lawsuit, but can’t get a response to your contact when I click on. please let me know how to apply. I have had problems with smart meters and health ever since they went in in my apartment in west Vancouver.

  8. Although I do not follow conspiracy theories as most of them are half baked, here is food for thought. If you recall, Gordon Campbell was “invited” to the Bilderberger Conference in June of 2010. This meeting is “Ultra” secretive and only 130 of the world’s top business and political executives are asked to attend. They publish a list of topics they apparently discuss and one happens to be globalization. One has to ask then, why Campbell? This is where perhaps a little bit of speculation comes in. Reading your excellent post, it is quite clear that the phenomena of “Smart Meters” is global in nature and seems to have been implemented around the world roughly about the same time. Well guess what. BC’s Clean Energy Act which stripped the BCUC of its powers to regulate and control Smart Meters received Royal Assent on June 3, 2010, exactly the same day that Campbell was in Spain attending the Bilderberger Meeting presumably discussing globalization. Coincidence, who knows.

    In many of your posts, you pose the question “why the big push” to get Smart Meters installed? There seems to be no visible reason. I wonder if there is a higher organization controlling this than we will ever know. Food for thought.

  9. Hello, I am a PWD on Ministry funding. (PWD = Person with Disabilities)

    I have refused the smart meter because BC Hydro to this day have not answered any of my questions at all what so ever, not even a hint of an answer. All they have done is bullied me and threatened me and badgered me to get there smart meter installed at my residence. I have refused to this day because of there lack of willingness to answer or provide information to the health effects or CSA approval of this device, there is no CSA approval and if it is not approved by CSA, then it is a health hazard if not tested and approved.

    Now last week I got a letter stating they will disconnect my power if I don’t let them install there smart meter at my address. I feel helpless and don’t know what to do and I can’t afford to lose my power, I can hardly afford it after there raise hike of 28% and there extortion fee of $500 a year for my old meter.

    I can’t believe this is happening to me, just dealing with my disability is enough in life. I feel like BC Hydro is the Godfather by the way I have been treated with there PAY-OR-ELSE plan as they walk all over a helpless person. I don’t know if you can help but I wish this nightmare to stop for me and I can just go back to being sick with my disability, I have lost enough sleep over this as well.

    They tell me I have an option to switch to a standard smart meter for free or I will default to receive a radio-off meter, because BC Hydro states they no longer have stock of the legacy meters.

    Is there anything I can do to stop this? And what is a radio-off meter?

  10. Jon, I will respond directly to you. BC Hydro is trampling on our Charter rights, ignoring the fact that these meters endanger our health, our security, and our safety. These are fire hazards that should be recalled and I believe Hydro and all of our politicians are guilty of willful negligence allowing these to be on our homes. We must join together to raise our voices through rallies, picketing and protests to let these people know we’re not going to take this treatment and we’re not going away.

  11. Hi
    Just wanted to let you know our story. We opposed the smart meter for day one. I built a box around our meter with a hole through the center so the glass could poke out for those ^#&_÷^× to be able to read the meter. I posted signs I d/led from this site I believe as we as signs by my front door. My wife and I live in this house with our 4 children. Our bills use to be around $400 (per cycle) in spring/summer months and $800 in fall/winter. Now they are $1700-1800. So let me now explain how we got our smart meter. After the failure of our company we were struggling to pay bills and had fallen behind a few times but had always managed to pay our bills sometimes late but paid non the less. Well we were behind once again and we got caught up. We didn’t our Hydro anything and they sent us a bill saying they wanted a wait for it …. $2500.00 security deposit. 2500 freaking dollars.

    So we were struggling to pay as it was but like I said we were caught up but didn’t have an extra 2500 laying around well my wife and I were relaxing in our room and the TV went off. I ran out on the deck and the Hydro guy was running to his truck laughing and said I guess you should of paid your bill. Well he was lucky I was up on the deck cuz if I would of been able to get a hold of him I wouldn’t of had to worry about bills cuz the government would be paying them for me for awhile. So they ripped off the cover and pulled my meter. All because I couldn’t pay a security deposit. Remember I didn’t owe anything for power usage just the deposit. I was forced to borrow money to pay these blackmailers their security deposit so my kids had a home. And once I did they put in a new smart meter after all that time paying the extra money to be able to keep our meter I am and have been for the last year a smart meter owner. My bills have increased about 75% aND they were outrageous before now they are crazy high. Anyway that’s our condensed story thanks for reading.

  12. Ward, what a horrible thing to have happen. I am not sure why Hydro would have required such a huge deposit. That seems outrageous and I would strongly encourage you to contact the BC Utilities Commission and lodge a formal complaint with them. Patrick Wruck is the complaint officer and his email is Patrick.wruck@bcuc .com or you can phone him at 604-660-3632.

    Hydro is using any excuse to get a smart meter on homes, and if they can figure out a way to turn your power off, they will force you to be smetered as a condition for getting the power back on.

    The increase in your bills are hard to understand. May I suggest you get your consumption history and share with me. Let’s look at your history of average daily usage. You can find this by going on to http://www.bchydro.com and go into your account. Click on “view usage”, and then under “viewing method” look at consumption data table. This will give you the average daily usage by month going back for years. It will be interesting to see the “before” and “after” smart meter figures.

  13. Is it possible to buy a new analog meter and have it properly installed by a qualified electrician? That would ruin Hydro’s insistence that my old meter needs to be changed for my own safety. I’m willing (for now) to still pay the $64.80 “legacy fee” BC Hydro extorts from me on each bill, but August’s bill had the added $65 + tax for my non-compliance with Corix on the Smart Meter installation they again tried to force on me.
    I called BC Hydro to complain about the bill but all levels of that company are set in not really discussing that matter. Both persons I spoke with had a roundabout way of saying the same thing…you owe us, so pay us.

  14. Right now the Tariff (the contract Hydro wrote that we must accept if we want this essential service) says that Hydro owns the meters and they can change at their will. And the Clean Energy Act says that Hydro will install smart meters.
    Many people have told Hydro that they would like to buy their own brand new analog (and even give it to Hydro so that Hydro owns it), pay for it to be certified accurate according to Measurements Canada standards, and to pay for Hydro to install. Hydro has given many untrue reasons for now allowing this, but the bottom line is that they have said they will turn off the power if anyone does this.
    Hydro has lied about why analogs will not be allowed:
    1) they said no analogs are available. Not true.
    2) they said the grid will not work unless everyone has a smart meter. not true.
    3) they said that measurements Canada has new stricter requirements that the analogs don’t satisfy. not true.
    The fact is Hydro is a bully and it’s their way or the highway. They are trampling on our charter right to protect our families and our homes.
    How does Hydro own the meters? We own hydro. We are responsible for all of its debts and pay for everything through fees and rates. It makes no sense that Hydro owns the meters.

    1. Hi, just received a letter from BC Hydro November 2018 saying my analogue installed two years ago has expired and needs to be replaced. They have no analogue meters and I will have to pay to have a smart meter installed. If I do not allow them access they will fine me for each time they come out. Is there a letter to send to BC Hydro or a way of purchasing a analogue meter?

      1. Hi Katherine
        It looks like the upper management of BCHydro have made the decision to have all analogue meters upgraded to SM or ROSM (radio off smart meters by end the year. There has been a huge push by the installers lately and they are being very aggressive in their handling of the installation. (very aggressive – I would guess that their pay may be based on the number of installs completed)

        The options seem to be only:
        1 – SM = full on Smart Meter – no extra charge to install and no extra monthly charges.
        2 – ROSM = Radio Off SM – no extra charge to install but a $32.40 charge per month for manual reading
        3 – no meter = no electricity and a charge to re-connect at some future date.
        4 – analogue – not an option

        The Coalition has tried to convince BCHydro, the BCUC, and the various governments in BC to be more tolerant in their handling this issue but it seems to fall on deaf ears. The local MLAs are useless and say that the decisions are out of their hands. The local MPs say the same. It seems that no level of government is listening to those whose lives are severely impacted.

        I measure RFR from ROSM and SM for many clients who are EHS and there seems to no solution except to pay thousands of dollars to install RFR shielding or to move. Move where? When 5G hits then there may be NO place to hide or get away from SM radiation and from cell tower radiation.

        If a sufficient number of people who are impacted by this SM issue get together to make it a very public and embarrassing one to the BC and Canadian government then we just might get some traction. If there are small groups that wish to discuss this then maybe we could use ZOOM to communicate.

  15. March 30, 2017 and I don’t see any updates on this.
    I’m still trying to find a way to keep my analog meter but aren’t having any luck. They haven’t threatened to disconnect me nor sent another Corix flunky since the last one was here late last year.

  16. You may not be aware that there is a class action suit here in Quebec ,the motion has been stamped September 18,2015 ,in Montreal, QC. CANADA
    we are seeking damages for the cumulative effects of exposure to EMF.
    As our case includes damages both physical and moral
    as a result of privacy breaches from smart meters.and all types of exposures to EMF
    We will appreciate if you would add our case to your list.
    Our proceedings can be viewed on our web site.
    Charles O’Brien is our Lawyer in this case here in Montreal

  17. Wrap your smart meter in tin foil from the dollar store and then duct tape the he’ll out of it…this will stop the waves from escaping the meter and protect you…aluminum foil is the best for stopping the waves if they won’t remove them.

    1. Hi Chris. Yes the Al foil will stop the radiation from getting out of the Smart Meter from the side and front. The BCHydro collection system will not get any readings and then they will send their technical people to your house to see what is going on. 1st – they will rip the Al foil off and 2nd – they will give you hell for doing so. And if you do it again I expect that they will tack on some sort of penalty on your next bill.

      IMHO the best solutions include: 1) shield the INSIDE walls with Al or Shielding PAINT. 2) move the Smart Meter away from house (could be expensive) 3) do not spend time in the room close to the Smart Meter 4) move out of the house.
      If you select Al shielding then you should have the radiation measured by a competent RFR surveyor to ensure that you are protected.

      1. Hi Chris and Ted,
        I’ve been researching protection from smart meters. Below is a response I received from the manufacturers of the Smart Meter Guard. They say the meter cage will not stop transmission. Some people say it does. Does anyone know for sure? It costs $130 US, so I don’t want to make a mistake.
        I have to replace the new analog meter with a smart meter because I can no longer afford Hydro’s extortionist fee.
        Dear Lena,
        Yes, the utility companies still get the signal they need with the Smart Meter Guard installed. This is why. Smart meters are made to transmit up to about 20 miles so they make they with fairly high RF power, usually 1 to 5 watts depending on the manufacturer. The Smart Meter Guard is about 98% to 99% efficient at blocking the RF so the 1% or 2% that gets out is enough to travel a mile or two. Most utility company receiving station are only a few blocks from everyone’s homes so they get their signal. We have sold quite a few Smart Meter Guard across the US and Canada and haven’t had a utility company that couldn’t get a signal.

        Also, the Smart Meter Guard blocks the RF radiation going inside the house so there is no need for extra shielding behind the smart meter. This is the technical reason why it blocks the RF inside the house. Your electrical utility box is made of grounded metal including the sides, top, bottom and back. RF cannot penetrate grounded metal so your utility box actually blocks RF from radiating out the back. RF emits from the glass portion of the smart meter radially back into your house. RF is not directional it propagates radially in all directions, including back into your house, similar to sound waves. Once the Smart Meter Guard is installed over the glass portion of your smart meter your entire utility box and smart meter are covered in grounded metal that the RF cannot penetrate. We posted a video demonstrating the Smart Meter Guard blocking the RF inside the house on our web site. Here is a link to the video that shows this: http://www.smartmeterguard.com Scroll to bottom of the Home page, it’s the second video down.

        Thanks again and please let us know if you need more information on this.
        Best regards,
        Smart Meter Guard

    2. Chris, I agree with everything Ted said, but would like to add one important point. These meters will catch fire if they get too hot. Covering the meter with anything like foil, especially if the meter is in the sun or if it’s hot, will cause the meter to overheat and it can cause a fire. These are fire hazards and if they overheat or get water inside there can be major problems.

      1. Hello Sharon,
        As mentioned, BC Hydro replaced my old analog meter with a new one at my insistence. For many months now I have had to pay $35 per month for reading the meter, in spite of the fact that I am on an equal payment plan.

        As a pensioner, I can no longer afford to pay their extortion fee. I now have to order a smart meter.

        I have researched suggestions about how to protect oneself from the smart meter EMF. Some of the solutions are expensive. Some of it I don’t understand – reflectors, absorbers, aluminum foil, stainless steel mesh, etc.

        Can someone advise me of what is the least expensive, yet effective, shielding? Would much appreciate it. Thank you.

        Does anyone have experience with

  18. Hi Lena,
    In fact if you are near people with smeters you probably are being irradiated by theirs more than you will from one on your wall. The emissions go out, by and large. But you will get some, especially in close proximity to the meter. If your meter is in an area where you or others spend a lot of time, you will be exposed and should consider shielding. The cheapest ones are effective although they don’t look great. One is aluminum screening, like that used for windows. Small holes make it hard for the waves to penetrate. Cover the wall area inside the home on the wall where the meter is. Another is aluminum sheeting, the kind used for insulation. You can get sheets in the Dollar Store (mylar, I think is the name). It’s the “space blanket” used to keep warm in a car during winter. Tape it up over the section of the wall behind the meter. You should get it grounded — the best person to help with this is an electrician.
    If you don’t want to shield, then try to keep a good distance from the wall. Don’t have your bed any where near it.
    As you know dirty electricity is also a major problem. There are filters that can reduce DE significantly. There are different kinds, but Stetzer filters is what we use in our home. Google it and you will find out about them.

    A major concern is fire. These meters are fire hazards and should be recalled for that alone. Keep an eye on yours. If it feels warm, or gets water inside, or if you notice weird electrical things like flickering lights, call Hydro asap because people have told me things like this happened before the meter caught fire.
    Just because you have a smart meter doesn’t mean you should stop fighting. Our rights have been trampled on, our privacy is invaded, our health is threatened and our safety is at risk. These things should be recalled and we should be presenting this info to the new Energy Minister.

    Good luck.

  19. I stumbled across something on Youtube that is amazing. Gave me a broad analysis about what is happening health-wise around the world with all of the new technology such as cell phones, smart meters, computers,
    Must watch: Dr. D. Klinghardt “Smart Meters + EMR, the Health Crisis of Our Time”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwNYgmk–w0 80% of illness is now due to man-made electromagnetic field! Particularly harmful to babies, small children. Dr. D. Klinghardt also gives solutions.
    Do forward to all of your loved ones!

  20. My house burned down because of our smart meter almost a year ago. Our dog and bunny perished in the fire and we lost almost all of our belongings. It was totally covered up. but we did get the meter. We still haven’t even managed to get the house rebuilt, so many delays.

  21. We just bought a house in Abbotsford. It had a smartmeter already on it. Does anyone know what our legal rights are in demanding that it be removed? It was difficult enough finding a house in today’s real estate environment. To find one that didn’t have a smartmeter would have been pretty much impossible. I fear, though, that the utility will not honour our demand. Any help with info on this that you can offer would be very much appreciated!

    1. Hello. I still have my analog meter and have been through a ton of bulling, badgering, threats, lies, and extra cost. All from Corex and BC Hydro since the the DumbMeter system was corperatally thrusted at us with no chance to choose safety over corporate profit! The Govt did this to every BC Hydro customer to turn a quick profit and now there gone we are left holding the bag or cost of there profit or greed over others! There is nothing you can do! BC Hydro is the over lord and will put profit ahead of your safety! Be aware plastic meters will catch fire. And in every one that has caught fire in Canada the Pov Hydro team has removed every meter in every case a crossed Canada to protect there quick profit scheme. And in every case the meter is removed before the fire department does there investigation of what caused the fire. Then they have then negated all liability. That is the fight for me, that the put profit over human lives and this should not be happening to a medically disabled person as myself that has to choose Hydro over food every two months. In summary you have no choice but to accept what BC Hydro says and you do have one other choice, and they have told me many times. You can disconnect and go off grid. The Fox is looking after the chickens on this one. Best of luck and get a big ABC extingsher to put out an electrical for you safety.

  22. Dear Sharon and all your readers,

    first, I want to thank you for all the work you have done regarding the imposed smart meters in BC´s homes. I am still paying the $64.80 reading fee every two months. I pay more on the reading fee than on electricity!

    As the Provincial Gov´t has changed, I recently sent a letter to Premier Hoggan and to the leader of BC Greens asking them to tackle this issue. As you discovered on your investigation of smart meter opt-out charges and reading fees, we in BC pay double and more what other companies charge accross North America. I have recently read the book “A river captured” by Eileen Pearkes, where it recounts the stories of how BC Hydro treated BC citizens whose lands were slated for flooding during construction of the various dams in the Columbia basin. It is truly disgusting! Now I understand that the abusive behaviour towards any citizen who dares oppose BC Hydro plans is not new, but rather a historical pattern.

    As well as alerting on the dangers of smart meters, could you also please ad your voice on a campaign to lower the non smart-meter reading fees? I have sent the letter I wrote to Mr. Hoggan and Mr. Weaver to all my friends. I could pass it on to you if you like, so that more people address this issue.

    Thanks again for all your work.


  23. Since my post on 2017/03/30 at 3:45 pm I have had two visits by Corex to replace my analogue meter. I kicked him off my property the first time and was billed an extra $65 on top of the $64.80 analogue meter charge I am billed.
    A few months later Corex returned again and I let them install the smart meter as I can’t afford to keep making inflated payments. I took an RF off meter and will be billed an extra $40 per bill. When this all started I was told the $64.80 was to cover the cost of their meter reader having to come to the house. Now their employee will still have to come to the house to read the meter and the $40 will cover the cost. Either the BCHydro employees are taking a pay cut to do the same work I was previously billed $64.80 for or BCHydro was over charging me a lot. I’m pretty sure it was the latter. 🙂

    1. hi, thanks for the info. we are in the same place with the meter program, they want the old analog meter and the radio off meter is the only option they give. have tried reaching out to others on this web site and have not got any response, so at this point we may have 2 choices – either take the ro meter or have no power. have you tested the radio off meter to see if it is not transmitting ? from what i understand that bc hydro says the radio off meters do not communicate wirelessy , but does that mean it is not still transmitting emf? thanks for all that everyone has done.

      1. Hi John
        BCHydro is increasing the pressure on analogue users to go SM or ROSM (radio-off SM).
        Many are reporting pressure.
        There have been some reports that ROSM are still transmitting.
        I am planning to do some RFR measuring of ROSM in the next week to see what might be going on.
        I will report in a future UPDATE newsletter.

  24. I wrote my MLA and assistant, I urge all to do the same, paying this “legacy fee” for nothing is plain robbery!… can the NDP knowing this just look away?

  25. Is putting a copper sheet worth doing behind the meter to protect our home. Does it also help prevent fires with the digital meter, since we no longer have a choice to hold on to our analog meter? The cost of getting this work is very pricey at about $1700.00. If anyone has any suggestion to offer, I would appreciate any support in protecting our family please. Tx

    1. Hi Nathalle
      I recommend that you do some RFR measurements around your home to determine where all sources are and whether shielding only your smart meter is sufficient. Copper is expensive, Aluminum sheet might do as well and cheaper. Painting the inside of the house just behind the meter might be a lot cheaper. You of course are limiting your use of wifi, wireless TV, DECT phones and heavy use of cell phones/smart phones. You must be careful about shielding because you may cause other problems. (Ted@stopsmartmetersbc.com)

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