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Christian Blom Suspects Mobile Phones Cause Cancer

 Christian Blom talks about his electro-hypersensitivy (EHS) and subsequent cancer in the neck and throat from 10 years of cell phone use.  

His doctors did not question him about cell phone use and did not want to know anything about it.  Afterwards, he was sent to a psychiatric clinic and became scared he would be classified as a madman.

Christian Blom suspects mobile phones cause cancer

Corporate Ties That Bind: An Examination of Corporate Manipulation and Vested Interest in Public Health

Front Cover
Martin J. Walker
This is a great book for those that are inquisitive about the major injustices committed by CORPORATIONS. ( PVC,  ASBESTOS, Spanish Toxic Oil Syndrome to name just a few)

Martin Pall predicts end of humanity in 5-7 years


Please listen to Dr. Martin Pall’s chilling information about “non-ionizing radiation” and what can happen if 5G is not stopped.

Deterioration of cognitive capabilities is irreversible (unless humans are completely different from mice in the studies) and likewise sterility/infertility. (and not just humanity, of course)

This interview played on KPFA’s Your Own Health and Fitness program.  (60 minutes long so get a coffee or tea and sit back and listen)

See more details on Dr. Pall
See SCLMIHR as referenced by Dr. Pall
Interesting minor quote by Dr. Pall
“We are running as fast as we can but in absolutely the wrong direction”

5G Transceiver Arrays

5G Transceivers are now being produced and tested and installed.

The 64 transceivers work together to allow beam forming directional reception and transmission of cellphone communications.  Instead of a wide area broadcast, the antenna will focus into a specific cellphone (and the owner of course) and will send radiation to that cellphone only.  The benefit is that only a small area will received this radiation.  The problem seems to be that the high frequency of this radiation has health effects greater than that of the current cellphone frequencies of around 2000 MHz.  Many researchers are quite concerned about this increase in cellphone electro-pollution.  And these new 5G cell transmitters will be much closer to the users.


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EHS = Electro-Hypersensitivity – South Africa Report

Here is a short video of the status of EHS in South Africa.  ( 8 minutes)

This is also called EFIS Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome.

EHS / EFIS is becoming a serious health issue around the world.

Most people are quite dismissive or ignorant of the health impacts of EHS.  Please review and know what may be harming your health and that of your family.   This is a VERY  SERIOUS  SITUATION.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity by carte blanche – February 26, 2018:

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Constructing an EMF Radiation Hygeia Framework and Model to Demonstrate a Public Interest Override by James Chrystopher LechDecember 2017


5G – ENodeB – Microcells – Smallcells

All cell phone companies are planning to change to a new communications system that will allow SmartPhones to download streaming videos 100 times faster than the current 4G smartphones.

This new system is called 5G (5th Generation) and uses much higher radio frequencies than the current 4G.  This will be a fantastic upgrade if it were not for some very serious problems:

  •  5G is thought to have some serious health effects.  RFR similar to 5G has been used for crowd control.   Long term health impact has not been done.  Safety has not been proven.
  •  5G will require microcell transmitters every block or less. There are many 4G microcell units now installed on the front lawns of many homes in BC and elsewhere in Canada.  These will be converted to 5G soon.

All this means that there will be a HUGE increase in the level of RF Radiation that will impact everyone at home,  at school,  shopping and even driving.

If you have any concerns about the current 4G cellphone smartphone system then you should learn more about 5G which has the potential to be really, really bad for your health.

See more on 5G on this site under the tab heading EMF/RFR or by clicking here –