5G WiFi network radiation hazards Public Presentations by Community Empowerment Town Hall Series


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5G WiFi network radiation hazards – Talks Scheduled in Southern BC.

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Martin L. Pall (Biological Health Effects) at:

Salt Spring Island – June 24-29 (contact: cpetraot@shaw.ca) – June 26 (7-9PM, GISS, 232 Rainbow Rd.) & June 29 (10am-2PM, Centennial Park)
Victoria – July 03 (contact: camelot@islandnet.com or dsnoble@shaw.ca)(7-9:15PM, Emmanuel Baptist Church, 2121 Cedar Hill Cross Road)(donations & volunteers please)
Nanaimo – July 04 (contact: safelywired@shaw.ca)(6:30-9:30PM, St.Peter’s RC, 301 Machleary on Fitzwilliam St. side)
Bowen Island – July 05 (contact: info@hempcrete.ca)
Vancouver – July 06 (contact: ph_lemay@yahoo.ca)
Surrey – July 07 (contact: swalker3@shaw.ca)


For details, consult the Community Empowerment Town Hall Series website:  www.CETH.ca


Timothy Schoechle (Community Fibre Networks & Microgrids, Re-Inventing Wires) at:

Salt Spring Island – June 24-29 (details above)
Victoria – July 03 (details above)

For details on Salt Spring Island June 26/19 event: https://www.saltspringtourism.com/event/shifting-paradigms-from-5g-to-wired-fiber-with-martin-l-pall-phd-and-timothy-schoechle-phd/

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