BCUC & Smart Meter Fires report (July 2017)

Fire Report – http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.com/bcuc-smart-meter-fires-the-failure-to-protect/ – for the complete report, spreadsheet, documentation, and addenda.


BC Hydro Answers & Sharon Noble’s Response Back:


BC Hydro Comments & Sharon Noble’s Response Back – http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.com/bc-hydro-response-to-bcuc-request-for-comment-on-ms-nobles-correspondence-re-smart-meter-fires-report-october-20-2017/

Press Release – http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.com/press-release-bcuc-smart-meter-fires-september-21-2017/

Additional important information & links re smart meter fires:

BC Averaging 60+ Smart Meter Incidents a Year. Sharon Noble – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard by talkdigitalnetwork – November 21, 2018

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(audio 26:21) BC Averaging 60+ Smart Meter Incidents a Year. Sharon NobleNovember 21, 2018 – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard by talkdigitalnetwork – YouTube – November 21, 2018:

(Is smart meter maker illegally selling personal data?
Guest’s website: http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.com/)

(podcast 26:11) November 21, 2018 | BC Averaging 60+ Smart Meter Incidents a Year – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard by HoweStreet.com – November 21, 2018:
(Sharon Noble – Is smart meter maker illegally selling personal data?)


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The Goddard Report Video Archives of Interviews with Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters re Smart Meters and Health Issues from Wireless Technologies:


See BCUC & Smart Meter Fires Report (July 2017): http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.com/bcuc-smart-meter-fires-the-failure-to-protect/)

Third International Forum on Protection from Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution

At the Third International Forum on Protection from Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution three scientists speaking at the city’s Hall of Sessions told the international audience of the threat posed by modern microwave based technology to human life amid the environment of political and corporate corruption.

Krakow remains the only municipality on the planet to protect its citizens from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation pollution.

For those of you that are seriously interested in the world wide assault on human health by the explosion of RF Radiation devices, you should spend 30 minutes to read this report.

see the full report at http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Krakow_final.pdf

Cell Phone Radiation Leads to Cancer – NTP Final Report

Cell Phone Radiation Leads to Cancer,
Says U.S. NTP in Final Report

Rats Developed Rare Heart Tumor
Cancer Link Was Once Thought Impossible

November 1, 2018

“We believe that the link between radiofrequency (RF) radiation and tumors in male rats is real,” says John Bucher, the former associate director of the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP).

The announcement accompanies this morning’s release of the NTP final reports of studies on cancer in rats and mice exposed to cell phone radiation. Bucher’s project, the largest in NTP history, cost $30 million and took more than ten years to complete.

See more details at      https://microwavenews.com/news-center/ntp-final-rf-report

The meaning of this is that the probability of a person getting cancer increases with the total lifetime exposure to RFRadiation.  Exposure is a function of the intensity of the RFR and the duration.  So, 10 years of heavy cellphone usage (phone against the head) will dramatically increase the chances of brain cancer.  A user may be lucky or may not be lucky in this gamble.

And Health Canada and the FCC maintain that RFR has no adverse health effects, especially cancer.  Does this mean that these organizations are derelict in their duties to protect public heath or does it mean that they have been influenced or taken over by industry or military agencies?